Provide Operational Insights for Enhanced Efficiency

Provide Operational Insights for Enhanced Efficiency

The Problem

One of the Orthopedic Hospitals, had many manual feedback complaints.
The Hospital was unable to identify the exact date/time of the issue and whether it needed any staffing rearrangement.
It assumed that the problems were coming from a selected few wards and staff, but had no tangible data to prove the same.

The Approach

CEMPIA Day and Shift Analysis helps to pinpoint which time the issues and complaint happens .
The ward, floor and room analysis helps to identify the location of the problem .
The Doctor and Staff analysis helps to analyze staff related Improvement areas.

The Outcome

The turn around time for Critical issues decreased to 3 hours and for non critical issues to 12 hours
The patients were informed at every stage on the status of their complaint through an automated SMS notification.